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Paul Allison, 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

  • October 29, 2018
Paul Allison, 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

On October 29, 2018, the founder of Allison Craft Boats and catalyst of the Allison revolution in race boat design, Paul Allison, was inducted into the Blount County Sports Hall of Fame.  Celebrating 100 years of family ingenuity in race boat design, Paul’s father, James Allison built the first Allison race boat in 1918 – a flat bottom barge with a stern wheel and Harley Davidson motorcycle engine.  This unique design earned James racing victories against steamboats and the nickname, “King of the River.”    

Paul built his first Allison Craft boat in 1955 and has been credited with many innovative firsts in the boating industry such as the cupped propeller, hydraulic power trim, first v-bottom boat with a pad, wing stabilizer, front foil on tunnel boats, and the cupped skeg on engine lower units.  Paul is also well known for setting records with his Allison Craft that included the first pleasure boat to break the 60 mile per hour (MPH) mark with a stock 80 horsepower engine and going on to break 100 MPH in 1969 with his v-bottom pad design. 

Carrying on the family legacy is Paul’s son, Darris Allison, who built his first boat in 1961 at only 14 years old.  Darris, like Paul, is also credited with many innovative firsts and revolutionized the fishing boat industry with his deep-v pad bottom bass boat giving rise to the world’s first high performance bass boat.  As the founder and owner of Allison Boats, Inc., Darris proudly continues his father and grandfather’s heritage that has truly revolutionized the entire boating industry.   

Throughout the years, Allison has won more races and set more speed records than all other competitor brands.  For more information on the Allison legacy and firsts, click on “Why Allison” tab and video link.

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