Allison has won more races and set more speed records than all other boat brands combined. For most boat companies, the only means of gaining performance is to add more horsepower.  Allison does it more effectively by designing more speed and efficiency into the boat.  Efficiency that has enabled our V-bottom production boats to not only outperform all others, but to do it on half the fuel.


Overall Length

20' 1"





Molded Depth



460-480 lbs (Drag)

Weight 2

585-605 lbs (River Racer)


Designing race boats for research and development are a means to an end at Allison – a better boat for our customers.

  • High Performance Marine Resin
  • Kevlar & Special Bias-Ply Fiberglass Reinforcing
  • High Density PVC Core & Transom
  • Aluminum Reinforced Transom
  • Totally Hand-Laid and Hand Built
  • World’s Fastest Production Boats
  • Quicker Hole Shot and Acceleration
  • Superior Ride and Handling
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • Ultimate Efficiency

All race boat models are V-hulls and feature the latest blends of high performance Marine resin, NPG gelcoat, Kevlar, Biaxial fiberglass, and high density PVC foam core in hulls & decks. All models have an exclusive aluminum reinforced high-density foam cored transom with welded bosses and 6 stainless studs mounting the black powder coated aluminum jack plate.

All race boat models come in single base colors with decal accent pinstripes. All trim colors, competition base colors, special base colors, two & three color gelcoat are optional. All race models come standard with racing pulley-cable steering with aluminum sport steering wheel w/ 2 trim switches.*

The standard jack plate includes a choice of the 6-7 1/2″, 7-8 1/2″,  8-9 1/2 “or F-1 racing (F-1 mid-section) to suit your special set-up needs. The new drag cowl has an optional ram air induction kit available to duct air directly into the engine cowl for extra power.*

XR-2001 Drag Racer

  • Single place cockpit
  • Racing bucket seat
  • Front cowl cover
  • Aerodynamic long race cowl

XR-2001 River Racer

  • Tandem two seater
  • Reinforced for river marathon performance
  • Two bucket seats
  • Front cowl cover
  • Rear fairing

ALLISON SINGLE AXLE CHANNEL FRAME TRAILER STANDARD WITH ALL RACE BOATS. All trailers have Disc brakes with auto electric back-up release, swing-away tongue, painted fenders, chrome wheels and black tires.  Standard color is black, but other colors are available.  Options are stainless steel fenders, aluminum wheels, and tandem axle.

All race boats carry absolutely NO WARRANTIES nor LIABILITIES. Owner and / or driver assume all risk upon purchase and operation of these models.

* Standard equipment subject to change.