Allison XB-21 BasSport Makes Your Money Stretch

The Allison XB-21 BasSport is the ultimate in performance bass boats. The patented hull design in each XB-21 is the secret to faster speeds, incredible fuel savings, and a more comfortable ride.  Only Allison has the more than 60 years of testing and design for the best performing hulls.

As you can see from the photo, the spray comes cleanly off the hull of the boat for a smoother, faster ride. Even with less horsepower, the Allison boat is still faster than other boats. The competition will need 50-100 more horsepower to reach the speeds of an Allison with the smaller engine. On other boats, you will not only need to spend thousands of dollars more on the price of the bigger engine and its maintenance but, over the years, you will also spend thousands more on fuel compared to Allison’ s phenomenal gas mileage.

The XB-21 is not only the top luxury bass boat, it will get double average gas mileage of all big name bass boats on the market. When compared to comparable size bass boats, it has been proven, by throttling the Allison back to the top speed of other boats, the Allison actually EXCEEDED double gas mileage! Unheard of? It does sound incredible. In fact, the XB-21 can actually get better gas mileage at 80 mph than other boats at 35 mph. The fuel savings will either allow for a lot more fishing or help make the payments on the boat. Either way, you win!

Experience the 2.5 second hole shot with the patented skid planer included in every XB-21 bass boat. Allison’s race boat technology developed over the past 60 years has become part of the new hull design of the XB-21. The setback transom allows you to get that loaded bass boat “out of the hole” with similar spine-tingling acceleration as the race hulls.

The ergonomically designed bucket seats and the ultra efficient consoles make boat riding enjoyable in any weather. Why not be comfortable? The bucket seats contour fit make riding easy in this boat. The consoles are aerodynamically shaped for the best wind protection, and the windshields can be interchanged for taller sizes. With the XB-21 bass boat, you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy riding in your boat!

Enjoy the tremendous amount of rod storage and fishing platform of the X-tra long front deck on the XB-21 BasSport Pro. The XB-21 has 4 different kinds of rod storage available ALL on the front deck. Convenient and organized, you can get to more than 30 rods quicker than any other bass boat and have a “clutter-free” front deck. More free space to use for fishing!