The Allison difference results from a process that starts with totally new designs developed from the imagination of one man. Each element of a new design is first hand formed on a test “plug” that actually resembles a boat. The process of testing, changing, and retesting can involve literally years of research on a given project. Once the new hull design performs within the parameters of goal, engineering takes over.

Whether the new design is to become a sport boat, fishing boat, or racing boat; efficiency, maximum strength with minimum weight, and long term durability are factored into the engineering process. Allison Race Boats for example are engineered to have totally rigid running surfaces for maximum speed. The same race boat does not however, have a deck strong enough to support a 300-pound fisherman. The sport boats are engineered with maximum storage, convenience and comfort in mind while retaining the performance level expected in the worlds’ fastest single engine V-Bottoms.

The Bass Boats are engineered to achieve an almost impossible task. These special boats must provide storage for a ton of fishing gear. They must have aircraft carrier front decks. They must carry the owner in comfort. Most importantly, these Bass Boats must get the owner to the best fishing hole FIRST. The new generation of Allison Bass Boat is the only boat in the world that can do all of that!

Many industry innovations have arisen from the engineering of such items as Dash Adjustable Headlights on a Bass Boat. At a more basic level, the idea of total composite laminate boat construction was first pioneered at the Allison design and engineering facility. On a more basic level yet, the very Pad-V bottom design that is so popular on many styles of boat today, was designed and engineered and is still being re-engineered at the Allison design and engineering facility.