Safety Warning

Failure to follow these warnings could cause serious injury or death.  The owner and/or driver assumes all responsibilities in connection with any failure to follow these warnings.

Boat model                  Horsepower limit                  Engine weight limit

XB-2003                                  90-150                                     410 lb

XB-2002                                  70-130                                     370 lb

XTB-21                                     110-175                                   370 lb

XB-21                                       175-225                                   500 lb

Overpowering and Overweight Engines on Allison Boats may result in bodily injury, property damage or death!

On these models, your factory installed USCG certification label should look similar to this photo with the specific horsepower ranges for that model.  If the label on your boat is not similar to this photo, then it is not a label that was installed by Allison Boats.   It is unlawful to remove a factory installed USCG certification label.


Racing boats

XR-2002                                  70-130                                     370 lb

XR-2001                                  70-130                                     370 lb                   

SS-2000                                   70-130                                     370 lb

GT-20                                       70-130                                     370 lb

SS-20                                        70-130                                     370 lb